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Dance Recital Information

There are several components involved in staging a recital. We ask that you carefully go over this information and if you have any questions please ask at the front desk.


When and where is the dance recital?
Recital is scheduled for Friday June 21st at 7pm & Saturday June 22nd at 3pm. A mandatory dress rehearsal (full costume, but not hair & make-up) is scheduled for Thursday June 20th at 7pm (all Thursday dance classes will be at dress rehearsal). Rehearsals and shows are at San Benito High School. Performers must participate in both shows.

Performers are to arrive at 5:45 on both Thursday and Friday, and at 1:45 on Saturday. Upon arrival, performers will enter backstage and proceed to their assigned area. Please check in your child with the assigned instructor and then enter from the front of the auditorium. Auditorium doors open 30 minutes prior to show time with open seating. We strive to limit the recital to 2 hours in length with a 15-minute intermission.


How much do dance costumes run?

Each dance class learns one routine to perform in the recital. This requires a dance costume for each dance. Costumes cost $70 for students ages 6 and up, and $60 for preschool classes ages 3-6. Costume payments are automatically deducted November 15.

What is a Recital Fee?
A $50 recital fee per family is automatically deducted March 1, which includes TWO FREE tickets. Complimentary tickets must be picked up at the studio prior to recital. Free tickets are not available at the door.

How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets may be purchased at the studio for $15 in advance, or $18 at the door beginning May 15th. Each family receives two free tickets with payment of the recital fee. Free tickets are not available at the door. There is a limited amount of tickets sold at the studio. Once tickets are sold out at the studio, you may ONLY purchase them at the door for $18. Lost or stolen tickets are non-refundable. Ticket sales and seating is available on a first come first served basis.

Who supervises my child backstage?
Classes ages 3-8 are assigned a line mom who supervises backstage and assists in changing needs. Stage managers are backstage as well assisting performers for performance time. Only volunteers with a backstage pass are allowed backstage and in the dressing rooms. This is a security issue and will require cooperation by each and every parent. You may pick up your child at the very end of the recital at the front of the auditorium.

Can I take pictures and videotape during the performance?
There will be NO flash photography or videotaping at any time during the recital. Flash photos are potentially blinding to performers on stage and distracting to audience members. A professional videographer will be on site videotaping both shows. DVD's are available for purchase before, during, and one week after recital. You are more than welcome to videotape during dress rehearsal. Photos are allowed, but please turn off the flash mode.

Does my performer need to stay for the entire show?
Yes. All performers are invited back on stage for final bows at the close of the recital. If you need to leave early, you must check your child out with the line mom. Performers can be picked up at the front of the auditorium after final bows.

Where do volunteers check in?
Volunteers should come to the back of the auditorium to receive their back stage pass and further instructions. Only volunteers wearing their backstage pass will be allowed in backstage areas.

Are concessions available?
For your convenience, Geraldine's Event Planning offers beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements for your performer. Pre-orders are recommended, but she will have some available at her booth. It is customary to bring performers flowers after a great performance.


As well, a concession stand will have water & candy at intermission. Recital T-shirt order forms go home in May. DVD order forms are available before, during, and one week after recital.

Does my performer have to wear makeup?
Stage makeup is worn by performers due to the harsh lighting in most theaters. You will notice performers who do not accentuate their features by wearing makeup can appear drowned out, pale, or even ghostly. Make up is not required, but highly recommended. We recommend featuring the eyes, cheeks, and lips using stage makeup.

General Theater Rules & Etiquette
There will be NO entering or exiting during performances. Auditorium doors will be opened between performances only. This is good theater etiquette.


Your applause is requested for each and every performer, even those who do not belong to you. For many performers, this is their very first time on a stage and they need to feel supported and appreciated.


Turn off all noisy electronic devices and keep them in silent mode until the end of the recital. There is absolutely NO food or drink allowed in the auditorium, auditorium rules!


Respect others around you by not talking, standing up or walking through the aisles during performances, and by keeping little ones quiet during the show.


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