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The INSPIRE Initiative

Inspire Performing Arts Academy is pleased to announce a new initiative designed to enhance our dance and stage curriculum in ways which promote a better community within and outside of our performing culture. Through customer and community feedback, we have learned the perception of the arts in the community leans toward an attitude of elitism and exclusivity. It has always been Inspire’s policy to direct efforts of inclusion through scholarships and sponsorships in order that any child in the community may participate in our programs.

In the Spring of 2018 our Competition Dance Team won the Onstage New York Dance Competition’s Sportsmanship Award. We have always been proud of the trophies and accolades our team brings home, but this award was special in that it displays a shift in culture from the perceived norm of cutthroat competition to a happier and more supportive attitude in performing arts.

To continue fostering this cultural shift and improve community perception of the arts, the Inspire Initiative will promote specific traits in our performers in order to help them be better citizens to complement their excellent skills in dance, theater, and music.

By saying “I Inspire” we strive to emulate these traits:

I- Independent
I will strive to constantly learn, study, and research my art or passion outside of instruction.  I will challenge myself to get out of my comfort zones, and always set the bar high.
N- Nurturing
I will treat others with empathy and respect.
S- Self-Confident
I will always try to stay positive, calm, and confident. I will be happy with my achievements, and I will celebrate others as well. I will be humble and not boastful.
P- Philanthropic  
I will use my talents to look for ways to help others.
I- Inventive
I will use what I learn to create new things and pass the knowledge on to others. 
R- Resilient
I will accept I am not perfect. When I fail, I will keep trying. My goals and efforts to achieve them will define me, not my failures.  
E- Expressive
I will use my words and actions to thoughtfully demonstrate who I am and what I represent. I will also foster positive self-expression in others. 


We are always very proud of our students and pleased with the care their parents show in their art. As this initiative grows, we look forward to the partnerships in the community it will help grow and the new relationship we can build.

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