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Ballet/Tap Combo:

The perfect introduction for our youngest dancers, Ballet/Tap I & II include basic ballet and tap vocabulary while focusing on mobility, coordination, and rhythm in creative and imaginative ways while dancing to our favorite songs!


As it is the foundation of all dance styles, ballet teaches control, strength, flexibility, and proper technique. Class begins with an intensive barre workout, followed by a complex center adagios and petite allegros, along with across the floor combinations. Each student is strongly encouraged to attend ballet classes in order to to enhance their regular dance schedule.


An expressive, free form of dance that focuses on developing a personal sense of style and rhythm, contemporary is ideal for our intermediate/advanced dancers. With a basis in ballet technique, students will engage in various improvisational activities and structured routines.


Described as a funky jazz or street jazz, hip-hop has a more urban feel. Here students will learn the history of the genre in addition to styles like popping, tutting, and animating.


Jazz class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a detailed warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. We recommend taking a ballet class in addition, for best results.


Geared towards our beginner/intermediate dancers, lyrical is a class where we explore emotion with fluidity through movement. Dancers here find their inner expressions with natural movements in balance, control, and extension.


Tap is a rhythmic form of dance used mainly with the feet that produce sounds made from the tap shoe. Our tap classes are designed for students who wish to enhance their technique and performance skills. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun. Students will be encouraged to move fast, practice often, and pay close attention to detail while focusing on classic tap moves.


Ballet/Tap I/II, Jazz/Tap I & Mini Level:

Students have most likely never danced before and are preschool aged (3-6). Lessons are strongly based on vocabulary retention. Classes at these levels are very interactive and focus on creative movement and social interaction.

Level I:

Students have between 0-3 years dance experience in the genre. Classes are for beginners and move at a comfortable pace. Lessons are appropriately challenging and require practice and focus for continued development and motivation.

Level II:

Students have between 3-5 years dance experience in the genre. Classes move at a quicker pace and students are expected to be engaged. Practice is required for continued development.

Level III:

Students have 5+ years dance experience in the genre. Classes move at a rapid rate and are very challenging. Students are expected to be focused on detail. Rehearsal outside of class time is necessary to stay current with choreography and technique.

Level IV:

Students have 7+ years dance experience in the genre. Classes are complex and are designed for the most advanced students. Students are expected to rehearse outside of class time DAILY to stay on top of choreography and technique.


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