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Teen/Adult Ballet:

A fun, invigorating, and challenging form of exercise for Teen/adults who wish to explore their musicality through movement. The class will focus mainly on dance to introduce syncopation, technique and basic steps. Dancers will work towards developing a keen sense of rhythm and balance while also conditioning their bodies. Whether you're looking for adult lessons in tap, jazz, lyrical/contemporary/modern, or ballet, this is the class for YOU!

Teen/Adult Hip Hop:

A great introduction to hip hop dance- Teen/adults here will learn how to tut, animate, and syncopate while learning basic technique and getting in a good workout!

Mommy & Me:

In Mommy and Me classes, you can play, bond and move with your baby or toddler. This class is meant to make you feel and look great all while playing with the little ones.


Mat Pilates focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina all through slow, controlled movements. This class teaches breathing patterns, proper posture, and incorporates props to enhance the workout. This particular Pilates class also incorporates Barre movements which include cardiovascular intervals, balance, stretching and uses low weights to increase the challenge as needed. There is no dance or pilates experience required to join and all fitness levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat.

Restorative Yoga:

Restorative Yoga is an excellent disconnect from the busy activity of daily life. This class is brings awareness to self and body through slow movements, deep stretching and an awakening of your internal and divine nature, meant for all ages and any injuries. There is a use of props such as blankets, chairs and straps for our bodies to feel comfortable and safe. Please bring a yoga mat, towels or blankets.

Ultimate Core:

Core will sculpt, tone and strengthen you while improving your posture and flexibility. This class uses many training methods that are all put into the best abdominal workout you will ever receive. This class may use low weights to increase the intensity of the class for those students up for the challenge. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat.

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