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IPA Faculty

Sally Hail - Owner

Sally has been involved with the arts in some form since grade school. Coming from a background of hairdressing in professional theater, when she moved with her family to Hollister she got involved with acting and was a board member for five years with a local theatrical company. She started teaching youth choir and vocal performance in 2000, and was asked to direct her first youth play in 2004. She started teaching voice at West Coast in 2005 and with Jessica founded Limelight Productions in 2008- which is still going strong producing 3 plays a year. Education has always been the cornerstone of her program with youth theater, and so purchasing the studio from Jessica in 2015 was the logical next step and a dream come true. "Thank you to my family for your continued support. None of this would be possible without you."

Rachel Clayson

Rachel recently relocated here with her family from Phoenix, AZ specifically to come and join our team here at IPAA. Rachel grew up around music, took every possibly choir class she could, and has a great love for it. Her true passion however is working with youth! She decided to get her BA in Human Services so she could help children have a second chance, and help them learn their circumstance doesn’t have to be their future. Rachel works closely with Sally Hail daily with the theater side of IPA (Limelight). Sally and Rachel are in the middle of creating a nonprofit scholarship program called “Adopt an Actor” and are hoping to officially roll that out later this year!

Lori Dainowski

Miss Lori was born and raised in Hollister, California. Dancing has been in her life for over 30 years. She first started dancing at seven years old with Wanita Routman here in town. Dance became her world when she ended up spending more time at the dance studio than home. She began teaching dance at the age of fifteen and continued through high school. When she became an adult, she got the opportunity to be part of a dance group in an ongoing show at Great America. She is so honored to be a part of Inspire Performing Arts Academy and hopes to be teaching for 50 more years!

Marcus Woods

Marcus teaches ballroom and Latin dance. He began teaching, performing, and competing at a franchised dance studio in 2008 before moving to California. One of the things he enjoys most about dancing is that there is always something new to learn or do differently. He started teaching American Style Rhythm and Smooth, and has since branched out into International Style Rhythm, Standard Smooth, and a host of other social dances including Blues and Lindy Hop. He is excited to be a part of and offer his talents to the IPAA! “I consider myself a late bloomer, but I have had several amazing coaches over the years and danced with many fabulous partners as well. With good instruction and practice anything is possible, and I like to be great at everything I do! I often just wish there was more time to do it all, but we each have the same twenty-four hours every day to get what we want done. One has to pick a choose wisely.” In those rare moments when he is not dancing, Marcus can usually be found on a tennis court, at a chess board, near a dictionary, in front of a cartoon, drinking orange juice, or telling corny jokes to anyone who will listen. "I have a fairly eclectic skill set. Nothing I do is ordinary.""

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